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The server and its community currently have 12 team members who are working voluntary for Corrupted Ark. All members have the right to actively play on the server (all admins are monitored). The Corrupted Ark Team is obliged to decide neutral in every support casea and the responsibility to not use the GCM-cheat to protect transparency. If a team member or his tribe is affected in case of support, an uninvolved team member takes over the case. The Corrupted Ark Team always strives to consult several team members when making decisions. In emergencies such as, used gray areas, it is up to an admin to have an appropriate freedom in his decisions. For reported support cases/rule violations, the ?obligation to deliver? applies through screenshots and video evidence. We don?t punish someone just by accusations. Players, who always offend and disrespect others, have a chance to get banned from the Discord/Server.

We are always open for constructive feedback.

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