About The Cluster

MAIN Cluster

Corrupted Ark offers its players a diverse community, fast support and the opportunity to get involved in planning new seasons. Players who wish to become part of the Corrupted Ark team can apply at any time through the Team Management. Traditionally Corrupted Ark offers its main cluster for tribes of up to 10 players, smaller groups can join together through alliances. We offer support via Discord, please open a ticket if you need help.

SECOND Cluster (Comming Soon)

We plan to launch a Speed-PvP-Cluster in 2021 to extend our offer, more detailed information will be published in the future.

About The Team

Corrupted Ark Team

The server and its community currently have 12 team members who are working voluntary for Corrupted Ark. All members have the right to actively play on the server (all admins are monitored)... learn more.